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From: Danny Adams
Subject: Brothers In Arms-Chapter 1 Well let's get this story started. First off my name is Daniel
Christopher Michaels, at least that's what my mom calls me when I'm in
trouble. Most people call me Chris because I hate Dan or Daniel. When this
story takes place I was fourteen. I am five foot six and weigh about one
hundred and fifteen pounds. I have an older modeling portfolio preteen brother Greg who is sixteen
and a twin sister Alexis. We live in Houston, Texas, well not in Houston
but just outside. I knew from the time I was ten that I was different. When I hit
thirteen I knew I was gay and no one in my home town knew not even my best
and most closest friend Albert which most people call him Al on the count
he hates to be called Albert. Then it happened on the first day of high school I got pushed into a
locker and heard a voice, "Watch it fag." It was none other than the high
school asshole, Jack Ryan a senior with a bad attitude. tiny preteen
All that ran
through my mind is how does he know, no one knows. Al was two lockers down and saw what happened. "Hey asshole leave my
friend alone!" Al yelled at him and getting in between us. Al is my age but
much taller and heavier with a height of five foot eleven and weighing a
solid two hundred and ten pounds. This kid had no fat on him anywhere it
was solid muscle and he looked hot but I never let him know it. He had a
new girlfriend every month since we were six. Any way enough detail for
now. As soon as Al had said that Mr. Morgan the history teacher walked
around the corner and of course Jack took off in the opposite direction but
before walking off he leaned close to my ear and wispered, "I see you
around fag boy." I couldn't take anymore the hallway started to spin and I
couldn't hear what Mr. Morgan was saying to Al. Then I blacked out for html preteen nudes the
first time in my life I fucking blacked out. Now I know for sure that
everyone knew or thought that I was gay. When I came to I was in the nurses office and Al was standing right
next to me then he spoke,"So what did the resident asshole have to say and
why in hell did he slam you into the locker." I knew this was it. I mustered all the courage I could and just
blerted out,"BECAUSE I AM GAY." I looked to the ground to ashamed to look
up and see the hate in my best friends face. He grabbed me by my shirt. I
just knew he was about to hit me, but he did something I never expected he
grabbed me in the biggest bear hug I thought he was about to crack my rib
cage. He looked into my eyes with tears rolling down my face and simple said
in a voice that was filled with hate,"Why didn't you tell me? How long did
you know? WHY DIDN'T YOU FUCKING TELL ME?" I cried like a baby trying to
get the words to come out. "Because I didn't want you to hate me like you do now and I didn't
want to lose my best friend in the world" I finally said in a small mouse
type whisper. He let go of me and lifted my face and looked right back in
my face, his baby blue eyes meeting my brown shit colored eyes with tears
running out. He opened his mouth then closed it again. Then he opened it once more
and said in a very low voice that I could barely hear,"I don't hate you.
Not now and not ever. If that ass wipe touches you again then I will kill
him." With that he grabbed me again and we sat there until the nurse came
in to check on me. She shooed Al on to class and told me to try and sit
up. As soon as I did the room spun and I fell back on the bed. When I
finally regained my senses I missed preteen girls sexy my first and second period classes.
The rest of the day I was met with dirty looks and whispers. At lunch I
sat by myself until I saw Alexis and Al who came over to sit with me. Al
sat next to me and Alexis sat across from me. Alexis looked at me,"So tell me the rumors aren't true. Tell me you
aren't a fag." God I hate that word it's used all the time in my house by
my father to describe people like me. I looked at Al and he looked at Alexis," Don't ever use that word
around me or Chris again, you got that." he said with force behind his
voice. "What's your fucking problem Al? I just want to know if the rumors
are true or not." Alexis spat at him. swedish preteen nude
"Go ahead bud I got your back." Al whispered in my ear. I sat up straight nonnude legal preteen and list preteen naturists looked my twin sister in the eye and said, "Yes,
I am gay." She naked preteen toplist was silent for a while the she stood up and yelled at the top of
her lungs so everyone could hear,"Hey everybody. My brother Daniel
Christopher Michaels is a queer loving homo fag!!!!" When I heard those
words come from my sisters mouth I bolted from the lunchroom and ran to the
nearest bathroom and locked myself in a stall and cried like I never cried
before. Al came in a short while later and tried to get me to open the
door and I just yelled at him to model preteen portal
go away. He was silent for awhile and
then spoke in a level tone, "If you say so." That was the moment I died
inside. When I got home after school my parents along with Greg and Alexis
were sitting in the living room. I just walked past them without a word.
You could see the look of discust on my dad's face, my mom was sobbing into
her hands saying, "It preteen bbs biz can't be." Greg was just sitting there and Alexis the
bitch of all sisters just sat with a smug shit eating grin on her face. I
bolted upstairs to my room and locked the door. The next thing I know is my alarm was going off and it was six thirty,
time to get up and go to school. I walked to the upstairs bathroom and
showered. When I got to my room Greg was there sitting on my bed. "I
guess Alexis told you about me being gay." I said in a small timid voice.
All he said was,"Yep." "Greg I'm sorry but I'm not like everybody else. I wish I could be but
I'm not." I meekly said. He just looked at me and it seemed like eternity then he spoke,"I know
but are you sure. Dad is pissed as hell right now and is saying he's going
to kick you out. Mom said they can't do that but isn't putting up much of
a fight." "Figured that would happen that is why I never told anybody. Then
Alexis found out from some rumors and asked me but I didn't deny it." I
stated plainly and getting red in the face. I went downstairs with Greg to
the kitchen. We sat at the table as my mom, dad and the queen bitch
entered the room. They just looked at me then at Greg who at this point
was standing behind me with both hands on fresh preteen titys my shoulders. My dad looked at
him and then at me, he free suck preteen
opened his mouth to say something then my mom put
her hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. He closed his mouth
and walked out of the room.
Well everyone that is the end of Chapter One I hope you enjoy it and I have
plenty more were that came from. I would like preteen chat rooms to thank my best friend and
a man that is a brother to me, Aaron thank you for what you have done and
the input you have shared with me. If you like this story you will love
his, it is called Everybody Hates Me and it is under the highschool
listing. I would always like to hear feedback and any list preteen naturists
ideas for later
chapters. You can email me at

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